Ice is the new coffee

Wired has an interesting article about Stewart Butterfield, the guy who founded Flickr and Slack. It is about Stewart and how he went from growing up on a commune in Canada to founding Flickr, getting bought out by Yahoo, and beyond. It’s a very interesting look at internet companies from the “Web 2.0” days up until today.

In the article, Stewart and a co-founder of Slack are talking about ice. Yes, ice. Mainly about how clear a good ice cube is and why that is critical to making a good drink. I thought the conversation was a bit extreme until I remembered reading about ice recently on blogs like Marco’s and Casey’s.

So.. I guess ice is the new coffee. People have moved on from obsessing over the perfect coffee and are now worrying about making perfect ice. Personally, I do care about my coffee (at least to some extent) but I don’t see the fascination with ice. I’ll sit out this craze and wait for the next one.