My Software Projects

Here are some software projects that I am working on. They are all in various stages of development. Hopefully you can find something useful!


An updated version of the Windows system tray reminder app for Google Calendar events.


RemoteABC is a Windows-based app that allows remote access to an ABC Bittorrent client.


Par-N-Rar is a utility that automatically repairs and verifies PAR and PAR2 files, then unRARs any RAR files it finds.


ActiveGcSync is a Windows Mobile application that synchronizes the Pocket Oulook Calendar with Google Calendar.


wmToggleVibrate is a Windows Mobile application that toggles a device’s vibrate mode on and off.

gmPhone Windows Mobile skin

The gmPhone skin is a way to make your Windows Mobile device easier to use and look better.


giVo is my home-grown audio/video/tv media player software and hardware solution.