giVo software

At first I was going to create an install program for the giVo software in case other people wanted to use it. However, creating an install is extra work that I don’t need to do unless someone actually wants it. So, if you want to try this out, let me know. Keep in mind that right now it works but has some quirks, and I will not “officially” support it, although bugs will be fixed and feature requests will be taken into account, but this will be done when I have time, not on a regular schedule. This is free software after all.

Some of the features in the software are: turn off your machine and have it restart to record shows automatically, set shows to record all new episodes only, set shows to record only episodes you have not seen before, play any video media files in your collection, play mp3 songs while showing album covers, easy to use music interface split up by artist and album, set a watch list of shows you want to know about when they appear on the schedule, and much more.

Here are some screenshots. They show the Recording Schedule, Music, Recorded Shows, and TV Schedule screens. These are a little old; the interface has been upgraded to look a bit nicer, but alas who has time to get more screenshots? :)


FreeVCR is an open-source video capture program which I use to capture video with my card. It uses the VFW drivers, like VirtualDub does. I modified the source to take command line parameters so I can call it from my main application. This may or may not work with your card. If it does not and you have an alternative, please let me know about it. Make sure you read the ReadMe file for information on how to set up and use this version of FreeVCR.

Download my version of FreeVCR

Download the source code