Configuring ActiveGcSync

The first time ActiveGcSync is run it will automatically show the Settings screen. When running ActiveGcSync subsequent times, you can use the Settings menu button. The following tabs are available:


Username – Your Google account’s username. This may need to be username or

Password – Your Google account’s password

Hide on Startup – ActiveGcSync will bring the Today screen to the foreground when it loads

Check for new versions on startup – ActiveGcSync will check for a new version whenever it is started and pop up a system message if it finds one

Disable Error Popups – Disables system popups when an error occurs


Automatically Update – ActiveGcSync will periodically auto-update your calendars

Interval (in minutes) – Number of minutes to wait between updates

Error Interval (in minutes) – Number of minutes to wait until retrying the synchronization after an error occurs

Only sync when connected to network – ActiveGcSync will wait for a network connection to start a synchronization


Calendars to Sync – Click the Refresh button to get a list of all Calendars on your account. Check off the ones you want to synchronize. The Events tab allows you to customize settings for each Calendar

Default Calendar – This option allows you to define to what Google Calendar to synchronize PocketOutlook events without a Category. If this is blank then you will need to assign each event a Category that correlates to a Google Calendar name in order to have them synchronized. (Important Note: If this option is left blank, any events synchronized by previous single-calendar versions of ActiveGcSync will not synchronize!)

Categories button – Click to select which non-calendar categories to sync to your default calendar